Marmite wants lunch

If, like me, you love basset hounds, you’ll think nothing of spending four minutes and twelve seconds watching one trying to open a lunchbox.

Which is good, because this video is basically that.

And if you liked that, you should definitely spend a whole day getting to know Marmite. This day-in-the-life video introducing Marmite the stubborn, softy, sleepy basset hound will help.

He’s currently my favourite YouTube star.


Remy the superbasset

I recently came across this story about Remy the basset who¬†miraculously survived a 30ft leap from an attic window – thanks, his owners say, to his enormous ‘Dumbo’ like ears. Maybe ‘survived’ is the wrong word. ‘Performed’ would be better. I like to imagine those ears also allowed him to do a loop-the-loop on the way down…

Seriously, though – that’s a big fall. Well done Remy for pulling it off with such bassety ease.