J.J. Morgan, the basset hound that charmed America

Here’s a great story on Mashable about the most famous basset hound you’ve never heard of.

J.J. Morgan was a huge TV star in the 1950s in America. You know that look your basset hound gives you when you’re asking it – very nicely – to move up a smidge on the sofa so you can sit down? That look was J.J. Morgan’s calling card.

“Morgan, a mournful basset hound, becomes a celebrity with his polished acting and superb critical aplomb.”

J.J. Morgan was actually the stage name of a 3-year-old basset called Sir Guy Elwell. He got his big break by being owned by the producer of A Couple of Joes, who decided that ‘what this show needs to liven things up is an unimpressed basset hound’. He was right.

J.J. was a huge hit, making several guest appearances and even having his own show (for which he was paid $25 per episode – presumably to spend on gravy bones). Life Magazine reports,

“On four successive days recently he could be seen in four different shows. On Wednesday he was in on a chatty interview which covered such subjects as the water shortage in New York and life in contemporary Spain (he had little to say, fell asleep halfway through)…”

You can read the full original story about J.J. Morgan in Life Magazine here.

J.J. Morgan basset hound and TV star featured in LIFE Magazine.




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