Hush Puppies Autumn/Winter 2015

When Mercedes-Benz let you down, you can always count on Hush Puppies. They know that, regardless of what you’re trying to sell, the basset hound should always get as much screen time as the product. That way, buyers don’t get bored and click away to– ooh look, bassets at the beach!

Still, even Hush Puppies can get some things wrong. For example, I notice in this video, the humans are sitting on the furniture and the bassets are sitting on the floor. As a former basset owner, I feel pretty sure that that’s supposed to be the other way round. Also, the humans are not feeding the bassets, which just seems… odd.

Anyway, here is Hush Puppies Autumn/Winter 2015 Brand Video 1, which may or may not be marketing speak for commercial/advert. Whatever… it’s cute.

And here is Brand Video 2. I feel they could have worked on these titles a bit more…


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