The Zen of Basset Surfing

Stressed? Under pressure? Feeling the heat? Boy, do I have a therapy for you.

Take one video of a basset hound surfing, once a day, and all your troubles will melt away.

See, this isn’t some ‘funny dog video’ of a sunglasses-wearing beach basset catching a wave. This is surfing the hound way. A gentle glide along a river. At sunset. With the wind in your ears. And Elvis – the star of this video – is a natural.

Elvis was rescued by Barb Ayers (the one holding the oar) some 13 years ago. Back then, he hated water. But with the help of Barb and Howdy – the original surf basset – he soon realised the secret of true happiness was riding along the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, while thinking deep thoughts. You can read Elvis’s story – in his own words – here.

Then there’s Dude, who takes things up a notch by being a surf basset who is also blind. Dude was also a rescue and sadly lost the sight in both eyes to glaucoma. But that hasn’t stopped him enjoying the sounds – and smells – of a good surf down the river.

I implore you to check out the Surf Dog Diaries website here and also to follow their adventures on YouTube and Facebook.

Surf Dog Diaries, Columbia River Gorge, OR
Barb, Dude, Elvis and Doodle the doxie. Image used with permission of Surf Dog Diaries.

2 thoughts on “The Zen of Basset Surfing

  1. Hi Entirley Erica … Elvis never liked water either but he hated more the vision of me sailing off without him…. so he stepped onto the board to ride along. Now, for years, there has been an all out battle for who gets to ride the nose of the board-that has been Elvis’s spot, as family Alpha. As he moves into retirement, he is giving that spot more and more to doxie Doodle. Dude still gets the nose once in a while, too. Who knew it was such a badge of honor!?

    Thanks so much to Linda Cowles and the Basset Hound Lowdown for such a lovely story and for all the other great stories on our favorite species on this site. It just makes us smile deep inside! Nose butts to you – Barb, Elvis, Dude and Doodle Ayers,


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