Maggie, Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a basset hound called Maggie. She lived with a photographer called Bill Stanton and she was very wise. So wise, in fact, that she wrote a book:

In Maggie’s Way: Observations from Below Your Knees, Maggie offers her unique perspective on all manner of things (assisted by several well-chosen quotes).

On sadness…
On travel…
Even the human (and canine) condition.

The book is basically a coffee table book, packed full of Stanton’s wonderful photographs – all of which feature Maggie, of course. And she is the perfect subject: joyful, introspective, and huffy in equal measure, she expresses the full range of bassetness that we all love so much. If you have ever been owned by a basset hound (or a seriously pampered penguin), you will find plenty of familiar poses here.

And this isn’t the only book of basset hound wisdom Bill Stanton (er…Maggie) has written. But I’ll save that for the next post. I’m trying to live more like a basset and I have to nap now. 🙂