Maggie, Part 1

Once upon a time, there was a basset hound called Maggie. She lived with a photographer called Bill Stanton and she was very wise. So wise, in fact, that she wrote a book:

In Maggie’s Way: Observations from Below Your Knees, Maggie offers her unique perspective on all manner of things (assisted by several well-chosen quotes).

On sadness…
On travel…
Even the human (and canine) condition.

The book is basically a coffee table book, packed full of Stanton’s wonderful photographs – all of which feature Maggie, of course. And she is the perfect subject: joyful, introspective, and huffy in equal measure, she expresses the full range of bassetness that we all love so much. If you have ever been owned by a basset hound (or a seriously pampered penguin), you will find plenty of familiar poses here.

And this isn’t the only book of basset hound wisdom Bill Stanton (er…Maggie) has written. But I’ll save that for the next post. I’m trying to live more like a basset and I have to nap now. 🙂


Carrie 2 : The Rage

About this time fifteen years ago, Hubby and I sat down to watch a dubious horror film called Carrie 2: The Rage. We didn’t have high expectations; and we had no idea that it would change our lives forever.

I don’t actually remember much about the story or how good the film was. All I remember is this guy:

His name is Walter, and he belongs to Rachel Lang – the girl with the weird psychic powers. Despite the bloody nature of the film, Walter fares very well. He has a bit of a fur-raising moment about half-way through but ultimately has a happy ending (which is more than be said for most of the characters).

Walter (not his real name) deserves an Academy Award for the performance he gave in that film, because he melted our hearts. Of course, as we’d later discover, he wasn’t acting. He was just doing this cool trick called “being a basset hound”. He was loving. He was grumpy. He ran. He did “the look”.

At the end of the film, Hubby and I hopped straight to Amazon and ordered two books about owning basset hounds (the excellent Basset Hound Owner’s Survival Guide and this more practical one). And, less than two months later, we had a gorgeous, wriggly, big-eared Walter of our own. Except she was called Cordy, and she was even better.

Thank you Walter.

Lunchbox and the Aliens

Searching for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence using ear radar

“Lunchbox rolled happily in the grass, squirming from side to side like a sausage heating unevenly. He paused occasionally, allowing the June sun to warm one side or the other, and letting his long ears flop over his face or spread out flat on the ground. Then he resumed, grunting and snorting in pure canine contentment, oblivious to the mailman, oblivious to fleas, oblivious to the alien eyes that observed him from two hundred miles up.”

Lunchbox is your average basset hound: round, floppy, and not too bright…until he’s abducted by aliens. Then he suddenly becomes a lean, mean, garbage-machine-making, uh, machine….Will Lunchbox and his boy, Nate, solve the world’s garbage crisis and form the first interplanetary alliance? Or will the fate of the the whole solar system come to rest on whether Lunchbox can ever learn to catch a Frisbee?

What you need to know: this is a funny middle-grade book (for readers roughly 8-12 years old), with a basset hound on the cover, a basset hound as a main character, and buying it through this link will help basset hounds.

Hound Dog vs. Elvis Presley: Hound Dog wins

This video has resurfaced recently so I thought I should conserve it here for posterity. Elvis Presley appeared on the Steve Allen show in 1956. Since he was singing ‘Hound Dog’, they brought on a basset hound for him to sing to (I read it was an attempt to make Elvis’s hips fit for family viewing.)

When asked how it had felt to work with The King*, Sherlock replied:


Which pretty much sums it up.

*Obviously, I made this bit up.

There’s a basset hound in iZombie

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for ages. The reason I couldn’t is because the makers of iZombie – and the people of America in general – didn’t seem to understand the urgency of releasing pictures on the internet the instant a basset hound becomes a TV star. (We don’t get iZombie in the UK yet.)

So finally, four months after the fact, here is the basset hound from iZombie:


I think we can all tell who is the real star of this show, right?

The basset’s name is Minor. That guy on the left is called Major. So….geddit? I’d like to tell you all about their relationship but seeing as I don’t watch the show, I’d probably get it all wrong. Although, judging from what I’ve read in pursuit of these photos, it’s not your typical guy-meets-dog story (the basset’s owner is locked in the trunk).

The good news is, Minor sticks around and becomes a regular cast member*, which is a genius move by the show’s creators because it’s certainly made me want to watch it. 😉 I’ve harped on about this before, but there simply aren’t enough basset hounds on TV. Although I know why this is… they steal the show. They’re just too cute.

Anyway, that is the sum of my knowledge about Minor the basset hound. Please feel free to fill in the gaps in the comments below. In the meantime, here’s another photo:


Find out more about iZombie here: Warner Bros official iZombie website.

*in Season 2 at least. I think.

Make your own basset hound gift tags!

So it’s December 31st 2015 – the last day of the year. But wait! Don’t throw away your 2015 Basset Rescue Network calendar yet!

I’ve so loved all these smooshy faces gazing at me all year, that I decided I couldn’t just get rid of them. They’re basset hounds! And they’re all the same size square shape. Hmmm…

Behold, basset hound gift tags!


Here’s a step-by-step guide how to make them. If you follow it carefully, you too should end up with wonky, gluey, amateurishly made gift tags (so feel free to go your own way).

ONE. Cut up calendar.


Each month has four basset hound photos, so you’ll end up with 48. I cut all of the black borders off, all the way up to the edge of the photos.

TWO. Stick photos onto colourful and/or patterned paper.


I has some patterned craft paper, but leftover wrapping paper would do just as well. (For obvious reasons, it’s best not to use Christmas patterned paper if you’re making these just after Christmas. Sadly, no one told me that.)

It doesn’t matter how thin the backing paper is as you’ll be sticking it all onto card in just…two…secs…

THREE. Stick it all onto card.


There’s not really anything else to say about this step.

FOUR. Cut out with fancy schmancy scissors.


I used Fiskars scallop cut scissors but I suppose you could use normal scissors if you must.

FIVE. Stick a thingamajig onto the back to make it slightly easier to attach the gift tag to a present but not really (optional).


I used more of the backing card, because that’s what I had. If I’d had some nice gold thread, I’d probably have used that instead.

(By the way, those are not my hands. They are the precious, well-manicured hands of my 7-year-old assistant.)

SIX. Decide what to do with them now. You could use them yourself, share them with other basset hound crazies, or sell them to raise a few pounds for BRNGB! I’ll be attempting the latter, so watch this space (I still have 20 left to make).