How to decorate your home with basset hounds

Step One: Use basset hound drool to stick up wallpaper…

Actually, the title of this post does not refer to the practice of allowing your basset hound to assist with the painting and decorating (Henry Basset, I’m looking at you) but to the much saner idea of filling your home with as many basset hound themed knick-knacks as possible.

To that end, I have found some available-in-the-shops-now items that you might wish to put on your Christmas list or (who am I kidding) buy straight away.

Remember to use to send some much needed pennies to BRNGB – all of the items below qualify. If you haven’t already signed up, you’ll find a handy banner over there on the right (or below, if you’re on a mobile) which you can click to do so.

For the living room…

Basset hound cushion

Basset hound cushion by hunkydory home at

This cushion has the slobbery end of the basset on one side and the waggy end on the other, so best to buy two so you can display as shown. At £35 per cushion, it’s a bit pricey, but it’s so stylish that the cost is entirely justified don’t you think?

For the dining room…

Basset hound placemat

Basset hound placemat by Simon Hart Design at

This fabulous placemat can be personalised – with the name of your hound, perhaps? – and you can also get a matching coaster (and serving tray, and mug, and cushion, and….). Placemats cost £14.50 each.

For the kitchen…

Basset hound treat jar

Recycled Basset Hound Jar, by HirosHeart on Etsy

Isn’t this perfect? It’s just a pity they ship from the US (unless you’re reading this in the US, that is). The jar costs £10.64 at time of writing and shipping is £15 but maybe if you ordered more than one, it would work out cheaper. I think you’ll find you need one each for tea, coffee and sugar, plus two or three for tasty basset noms…

For the bedroom…

Basset hound table lamp

Dexter Dog Table Lamp, M&S

I’m only 96% certain this isn’t a dachshund. Hmm. This basset hound table lamp is a must for any discerning hound owner. Only £55 from good old M&S.

For anywhere…

BRNGB calendar

This one’s a no-brainer! No home would be complete without this gracing its walls. The 2016 BRNGB calendar is available now and features a gorgeous rescue hound for each month. Only £8.50 from the BRNGB shop!


Pass the basset, please

Here is a set of basset hound salt and pepper shakers.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 08.07.04

My parents bought them for us on a trip to the U.S. – in a time when such novelty condiments were still an actual novelty here in the UK. Now, you can easily buy them on Amazon, which is wonderful because who wouldn’t want a pair of basset hounds ON the dinner table? Just imagine the myriad ways you could amuse yourself at mealtimes. For example, you could do this…

Or this. Ahhh….

Also, because they’re basically a pair of basset hounds kissing (they have magnetic noses which stick together), they’d make a great wedding or anniversary gift for a pair of basset lovers.

Click here to buy yours. (If you do, a portion of the sale amount will be donated to the BRNGB.)