Make your own basset hound gift tags!

So it’s December 31st 2015 – the last day of the year. But wait! Don’t throw away your 2015 Basset Rescue Network calendar yet!

I’ve so loved all these smooshy faces gazing at me all year, that I decided I couldn’t just get rid of them. They’re basset hounds! And they’re all the same size square shape. Hmmm…

Behold, basset hound gift tags!


Here’s a step-by-step guide how to make them. If you follow it carefully, you too should end up with wonky, gluey, amateurishly made gift tags (so feel free to go your own way).

ONE. Cut up calendar.


Each month has four basset hound photos, so you’ll end up with 48. I cut all of the black borders off, all the way up to the edge of the photos.

TWO. Stick photos onto colourful and/or patterned paper.


I has some patterned craft paper, but leftover wrapping paper would do just as well. (For obvious reasons, it’s best not to use Christmas patterned paper if you’re making these just after Christmas. Sadly, no one told me that.)

It doesn’t matter how thin the backing paper is as you’ll be sticking it all onto card in just…two…secs…

THREE. Stick it all onto card.


There’s not really anything else to say about this step.

FOUR. Cut out with fancy schmancy scissors.


I used Fiskars scallop cut scissors but I suppose you could use normal scissors if you must.

FIVE. Stick a thingamajig onto the back to make it slightly easier to attach the gift tag to a present but not really (optional).


I used more of the backing card, because that’s what I had. If I’d had some nice gold thread, I’d probably have used that instead.

(By the way, those are not my hands. They are the precious, well-manicured hands of my 7-year-old assistant.)

SIX. Decide what to do with them now. You could use them yourself, share them with other basset hound crazies, or sell them to raise a few pounds for BRNGB! I’ll be attempting the latter, so watch this space (I still have 20 left to make).