Hound Dog vs. Elvis Presley: Hound Dog wins

This video has resurfaced recently so I thought I should conserve it here for posterity. Elvis Presley appeared on the Steve Allen show in 1956. Since he was singing ‘Hound Dog’, they brought on a basset hound for him to sing to (I read it was an attempt to make Elvis’s hips fit for family viewing.)

When asked how it had felt to work with The King*, Sherlock replied:


Which pretty much sums it up.

*Obviously, I made this bit up.


Huell Howser meets the bassets of SoCal

Maybe you’ve already seen this.

Maybe you were there.

Or maybe, like me, you’ve never heard of Huell Howser and had no idea this 27 minute slice of basset hound heaven existed on the internet in which case, drop EVERYTHING and watch it now.

Told you it was good. 🙂

This basset hound picnic was brought to you by the good folks at Basset Hound Rescue of Southern California.

Balu the dancing basset hound

Basset hounds are notoriously difficult to train. This must be a fact coz I read it on the internet.

Actually, basset hounds are highly intelligent dogs. They know exactly what we want them to do. The problem, though, is that they don’t really see the point. They’re like method actors. “So you want me to move from my warm spot and walk across the room to where you are? Well, what’s my motivation?”

By motivation, they of course mean a tasty morsel.

Getting a basset hound to do what you want him to do is hard. Unless what you want him to do is go back to sleep. So imagine how many hours – and how many tasty morsels – went into this…

Balu (and Balu’s owner), we salute you.

Hush Puppies Autumn/Winter 2015

When Mercedes-Benz let you down, you can always count on Hush Puppies. They know that, regardless of what you’re trying to sell, the basset hound should always get as much screen time as the product. That way, buyers don’t get bored and click away to– ooh look, bassets at the beach!

Still, even Hush Puppies can get some things wrong. For example, I notice in this video, the humans are sitting on the furniture and the bassets are sitting on the floor. As a former basset owner, I feel pretty sure that that’s supposed to be the other way round. Also, the humans are not feeding the bassets, which just seems… odd.

Anyway, here is Hush Puppies Autumn/Winter 2015 Brand Video 1, which may or may not be marketing speak for commercial/advert. Whatever… it’s cute.

And here is Brand Video 2. I feel they could have worked on these titles a bit more…

Marmite wants lunch

If, like me, you love basset hounds, you’ll think nothing of spending four minutes and twelve seconds watching one trying to open a lunchbox.

Which is good, because this video is basically that.

And if you liked that, you should definitely spend a whole day getting to know Marmite. This day-in-the-life video introducing Marmite the stubborn, softy, sleepy basset hound will help.

He’s currently my favourite YouTube star.